Heading up our team is Dr Rene Lewin. 

 Rene brings 15 years experience in family medicine with her that has only fuelled her passion to provide the best holistic medical treatment to her patients.

Due to her work experience in a variety of settings, she is aware of how the cost of healthcare care restrict access to healthcare, and this is a strong motivator for her. 

She embodies the concept that prevention is better than cure, and for this reason she has a passion for building relationships with her patients, so that through these relationships she can promote health.

Living in the Marina for 13 years has given the community a special place in her heart. She studied at UCT, qualifying in 1998, and completed her internship in Gauteng, just outside Pretoria. She spent a year doing Community Service in Mitchell's Plain before leaving for the UK for a year to gain a fresh perspective on her work and life experience.

Rene returned home in 2002, the pull of the Far South's Mountains, Beaches and People being too strong to resist. From 2003 to 2011 she had a practice serving the Retreat community before taking some time off to develop Marina Medical as a concept new to healthcare in the Deep South.

Rene is taking some time away from Marina Medical from March 2017 to go to England and work in psychiatry for a while. It's been a difficult decision to make, but one which will in the future bring new skills and expertise back to Muizenberg.

Dr Anwah Adriaanse

Joining the team from March 2017 is Dr Anwah Adriaanse. With a background in Family Medicine, he brings with him a fresh perspective and new skills and experience to add to the Marina Medical family.

He has been working in the North of the country fro some time, but is delighted to be back in the area and a part of a growing practice and working with the people of the South.


Yulana Stynder is our Physiotherapist at Marina Medical. She has a holistic approach based on the biopsychosocial model which aims to unlock the many facets influencing the patients’ pain, be it acute or chronic.

She is very thorough in assessing conditions and thereby choosing the best evidence based techniques for treatment thereof. Her main focus is to encourage healing of the conditions with participation from the patient with a professional therapeutic relationship.

Her highest concern is the patients’ wellbeing and she will go to any lengths to make sure the patient gets the correct help that is needed.

This outlook fits perfectly into the concept of health and inn being a part of life and our aim to allow our clients to maximise their life quality, not merely extend their - and our - time on the planet!

She treats a wide variety of conditions and has a special interest in the orthopaedic field. The following out-patient services are provided:

  • Soft tissue injuries: Sprains and tears of muscle and ligaments
  • Spinal injuries: Acute or chronic lower back or neck pain,  prolapsed disc, sciatica, trapped nerves, headaches, muscle spasm
  • Joint injuries: Stiffness, swelling and pain in ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists and jaw. As well as arthritic conditions
  • Sport injuries: Sprains and strains of muscle, ligaments and tendons 
  • Rehabilitation: following surgery, immobilisation, joint replacements, spinal surgery, knees and shoulder repair surgeries to facilitate return to work/sport
  • Biomechanical assessment: Incorrect movement patterns affecting back, knee and feet problems
  • Chest physiotherapy: for acute or chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory infections
  • Other conditions: following fracture or trauma, repetitive strain injuries, whiplash, pregnancy related problems

 Yulana's gifts and presence at the centre make her an ideal and conveniently located therapist for the Muizenberg and Deep South areas.



Raeesa Parker, our dentist here at Marina Medical, spent time working for the South African Military in Kwa-Zulu Natal in 2014. She then returned to Cape Town, and is currently in part-time employment through the University of the Western Cape at their dental facility in Mitchells Plain. She is passionate about providing quality dental care to under-served communities, and is excited to be able to cater to the community of Muizenberg and its surroundings.

Raeesa has taken a keen interest in working with children, and is furthering her studies in the field of Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. Her calm demeanor and conservative approach to dentistry is well suited to patients of all ages, and ensures that all dental treatments are carried out in a relaxed and comfortable environment. 

Dental services offered:

  • ·         Comprehensive consultations
  • ·         Scale and polish (cleaning)
  • ·         Tooth whitening (bleaching)
  • ·         Fillings
  • ·         Root canal treatment
  • ·         Crown and bridge work
  • ·         Veneers
  • ·         Bite guards
  • ·         Dentures: Full Upper & Lower
  •         Dentures: Partial
  •       Extractions


Management & Administration


Esther Moses

Esther joined the team of Medical House Calls last year, working with David on submissions and queries with the medical aid companies on behalf of our family of patients.

From March, she is taking over the day to day management of Marina Medical from David. Like David, she will mostly be behind the scenes at the office, but her skills and personality are a welcome addition to the centre.

Esther is only available part-time at the practice, so if you need to query an account submission, please email her from the list to the right.


David Beddow

As Director of Medical House Calls, David Beddow has spent most of his time at the office behind the scenes.  

He moved to Cape Town in 2003 having grown up in the UK, his career specialising in Customer Relations.

He worked with Rene at the Retreat practice, bringing his business experience into the daily operations of that business. He moved to work at Discovery Health in 2011 before coming back into Primary Healthcare Practice Management in 2013. 

A BCom (Management) graduate of Unisa, David is passionate about Customer Relationships in business and the importance of a strong working relationship with both colleagues and patients.

From March 2017 he is returning to work in England for a while, and although he is still going to play a semi-active role from there, his role as manager has been gladly handed over to Esther on a daily basis. He can still be contacted via email, but the address will only be checked weekly, so please allow time for a response.

Because of his distance from the practice now, please only contact for major issues regarding the centre such as structural issues, malpractice or serious complaints regarding the running of the centre.

Any general enquiries should be directed to the general email address.